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The Details
San Diego, California
5 Days
To create this unforgettable experience, DMC services, venue sourcing, activities planning, entertainment management, and branding services were required.
"A professional company who 'gets it.' I didn’t have to do a thing."
— Alex, Senior Events Manager

Step right up, folks! Here is the event of the year!

Our client wanted to say a big thank you to the sales team at their annual sales conference in San Diego with something fun, novel, and totally memorable. But what? With 1,900 people attending, our event planners knew we had to pull out all the stops.

And then, someone from our team came up with an idea: How about we have a carnival? That’s how the magic happened.

This event brought a whole new meaning to nostalgia
Going big is a matter of course when the event demands it.

We began with a full venue buyout of Belmont Park, including all the carnival games and rides. Then, we hired strolling entertainment: fortune-tellers, jugglers, unicyclists, and more. For easily accessible lodging, we bought out the neighboring Beach Club. The guests were thrilled!

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