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We’re a full-service, everything-is-possible destination and event management company with 20 years of experience.

Destination Management is at the core of our creative wins.

Our wide network of vendors, venues, and other resources in California make any event possible in the Golden State. From event ideation, to transportation, to production and safety, we’ve got it covered.

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No idea is too wild for our design and production team.

Our seriously creative team thrives on challenges. Bring us your vision, your budget, your guest list, and we’ll make it happen!

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Nitpicky Logistics Management means worry-free events.

From the moment people arrive until we turn out the lights, every moment is orchestrated, plotted, and planned with exacting care and vigilance. Smooth sailing matters.

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Virtual and hybrid events that feel like special occasions.

DCi has embraced virtual and hybrid events with full-scale virtual production and design services, including an in-house stage and studio, set design, engagement strategies, and more.

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Enter a brand-new world with our Immersive Brand Events.

Imagine your brand in 3D, right down to the smallest detail. Give your guests the gift of a truly immersive brand experience.

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