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The Details
Scottsdale, Arizona
18 Days
Our job was to custom design and fabricate an experiential venue, handle event logistics, and source materials, experts, and other resources for a media product launch.

A vehicle brand took us to a farmhouse in the desert.

A popular carmaker tasked us with creating a series of brand immersion events for their new truck launch. Over 18 days, seven groups of guests from the media and the automotive industry would visit the same venue for an exclusive,  up-close-and-personal launch. And that venue had to live and breathe the brand.

With Arizona as our backdrop, we were able to build a launch no one would soon forget.

Our team was the needle in the haystack
This was a one-of-a-kind experience built from the ground up. Literally.

When no existing venue would do, our in-house design team got to work designing and building a farmhouse-style barn in the middle of the desert with on-brand decor, horses on the hitching post, and light and airy walls with stellar views.

Guests were driven out and treated to a once-in-a-lifetime day in the dunes to showcase the new truck in its ultimate environment.

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