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The Details
Palm Springs, California
4 Days
To pull it off, we needed custom decor and fabrication for multiple venues and four days of memorable activities and entertainment for 375 people.
"Your team has been perfection from beginning to end. The creativity and logistics to bring this event to life in such a short time was huge."
— Stephanie, PR & Communications Manager

The underlying mission: motivate and engage.

Employees perform best when they feel appreciated, motivated, and engaged. So we wanted to create a mix of chill and thrill throughout the four days that boosted everyone’s spirits and got them excited about their work.

Plus, we wanted to use the backdrop of Palm Springs to inspire the event.

This innovative bash made a splash
You know you’ve done a good job when everyone sings "Purple Rain."

There was a pool party with an underwater photo booth and swings above the water, hot-air balloon rides, boot camps and wellness clinics, two nights of dine-arounds, and an air museum turned into a silent dance party.

But we knew we’d done our job when, on the last night, the crowd sang “Purple Rain” to a colleague who couldn’t attend the event due to cancer. Tears. Joy.

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