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The Details
Napa Valley, California
3 Days
DCi produced a multi-day program for top producers of an automotive company and their guests, which included on- and off-property events and various daytime activities to give them a true Napa Valley experience.

Bringing top-performers to top-notch wineries.

We were tasked with crafting a three-day program for top wine producers and their guests in the iconic Napa Valley region, and each day featured a unique wine event intentionally designed and produced by our team. The group activities oscillated between customized wine tastings at local wineries and additional regional daytime excursions.

Enhancing community and connection
Enhancing the experience with simple touches.

The program was rife with various luxurious dinners paired with top-notch pours and extravagant tablescapes amid rolling hills and wineries. Decor elements for the meals included garland-style centerpieces, soft candlelight, and an assortment of colored glassware. Evening events reflected the local style and culture, featuring exclusive dining experiences under string lights nestled amidst vineyards and within an intimate wine cave.

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