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hat do you do when your registration numbers surpass hotel room availability in your meeting destination? Panic? No! Take a page out of DCi’s playbook, and learn how these logistical experts pull off a cohesive experience for all attendees – no matter which property they are staying at. DCi knows a thing or two about artfully syncing events, even when those events take place across different parts of the country. Here DCi team members share how they create consistent experiences for all attendees through design and activations.

How It’s Done

DCi planners are no strangers to coordinating complex events. Take for example, a 1,500-person conference recently held in San Francisco that spread out across four different properties. To give everyone the most comparable experience possible, the DCi team carefully designed the events to complement each space while providing the same look and feel across all hotels. Visual consistency tied the events together, thanks to matching table linens and similar stage setups. These elements made the events look seamless when all three locations connected virtually for a session with the CEO on the final night.

Another multi-faceted feat includes a three-day destination event held simultaneously in Orange County, CA, San Diego, CA, and Phoenix, AZ. Even with three different group sizes and spaces, DCi delivered a uniform experience at each property for all attendees. Unifying the theme, decor, and schedule across all destinations created an experience that felt consistent, while still allowing each venue’s unique features to shine through. 

Staying on Track

To stay on schedule, DCi comes prepared with a team of experts ready to tackle any challenges. In addition to an operations manager who helps keep the schedule on track, DCi’s team also handles logistics, manages the properties, oversees the setup and design and even schedules delivery routes.  While there is sometimes slight variation at each hotel or venue, the goal is to maintain the same look and feel. 

“The best-laid plans are simple and outlined, but having additional options in place for when the initial plans inevitably fail, is instrumental in the success of a program.”  – Samantha Saad, DCi Account Director.

Managing Setbacks

Inventory is one of the most challenging aspects of planning multi-location events, along with niche challenges like figuring out how to keep a crowd cool in the height of an Arizona summer. DCi’s three-day event in Phoenix took place on an outdoor lawn at a hotel, where electrical options were limited, and the heat was inescapable. The team remedied this by bringing additional umbrellas and fans outside to provide much needed relief. 

When planning any singular event, having a backup plan in place is helpful, but when numerous events are occurring at the same time, having a backup (and a backup to that backup) becomes a requirement. The DCi team stays 10 steps ahead, planning for any possible roadblock, no matter how many locations are involved.  

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