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Ci account directors Jenny Bradshaw and Samantha Saad know better than anyone how DCi’s design and production teams can take a client’s vision and spin it into an unforgettable brand event. So, when asked to share a few of their favorite immersive triumphs, they knew exactly which ones to choose.

“Our client, Intuitive Visual, asked us to help them represent 15 different California cities in one immersive event where attendees could explore the expansive state of California without walking more than a mile.”

Pull up a stool or stroll on through beachy Cali vibes.

Visit California

Visit California encourages leisure tourism to 770 miles of the California coast, which spans almost the entirety of the United States’s western border. With each city having its own persona and must-see landmarks, the challenge was a big one.

“We tapped into each city’s individual tourism bureau to really understand its personality and character, what the area is known for, and what it represents to California.”

The event was part of IPW 2019, held at the Anaheim Convention Center. Between the convention center and two major hotels in the area, there’s a half-mile path called the Grand Plaza, and that’s where they decided to set up their abridged tour of California, transforming the space into the “California Plaza” for the duration of the conference.

“The whole concept was to give attendees the opportunity to ‘road trip’ through California without having to walk more than a mile. From San Luis Obispo to LA, each city got a stop on the tour,” said Saad.

A scale model of the Hollywood sign, a 21-foot Golden Gate Bridge, and a Santa Barbara beach cabana were just a few of the highlights along this homage to the Golden State.

“We wanted to wow not only the attendees but the representatives from each city too. We wanted them to see their dream and their vision come to life,” said Saad.

“We had the opportunity to help Tourism Toronto plan a very high-end lounge representing Toronto at one of the big travel and tourism conventions.”

Now that's a true masterpiece.

Tourism Toronto

To do it, DCi ideated and designed an invite-only affair meant to represent the modern luxury the city of Toronto offers visitors.

“We designed the lounge to mirror their brand. It was very sleek, stylish, and modern. And because admission was by invitation only, it became a very sought-after experience,” said Bradshaw. “There were high-end cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, but there were also activities that visitors could partake in while networking with the Tourism Toronto team. For example, we had crystals and other decorations so that people could “bling out” their convention lanyards.”

To illustrate, literally, why Toronto is a must-see destination, DCi put the city itself on display.

“A large mural of downtown Toronto adorned the wall to show off the city, but we also had chairs hanging upside down as decor and other unique design elements. We included cutting-edge design that is individual to Toronto’s style,” said Bradshaw.

Bradshaw attributes thinking outside the box and a client-oriented approach to the Tourism Toronto lounge’s success – a sentiment echoed by Saad and her approach to the Visit California event. Ultimately, DCi’s commitment to client vision combined with unique, cutting-edge event design is the key to their unforgettable, immersive brand events and experiences.

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