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The Details
Scottsdale, AZ
Quick Service Restaurant
4 Days
Annual Incentive Trip

An authentic desert excursion.

DCi created a 4-day experience for over 360 guests and welcomed them with festive décor and entertainment at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North. The DCi team organized guided excursions and shopping trips around the historic Old Town Scottsdale, managed shuttles for dining, and negotiated discounts with retailers to encourage event guests to purchase items from local shops.

Unique, mirrored details inspire visual interest
Some Highlights:
  • Coordination and management of transportation for guest arrivals and departures
  • Creating wayfinding strategies and solutions throughout the program
  • Gifting suites featuring a Pendleton Pop-Up and live-embroidery on luxury canvas totes
  • An evening event at an off-site location, highlighted by captivating mirrored art installations, desert-themed video projections, and entertainment to wrap up the four-day festivities 

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