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or many companies, stepping outside of the usual office environment can be a helpful change of pace. Even better? Hopping on a plane for a few days of team-building activities, tours, and dinners in a different city. Here, we highlight how DCi has helped companies plan fun-filled days away from home – from venue sourcing to activities planning and everything in between.

A New Perspective

There are few opportunities to connect at work in a stress-free or playful environment. DCi’s group excursions bring people together in a new way, whether out in nature, on the water, or immersed in a new experience. Out-of-office excursions allow guests to get outside their hotel rooms and interact with their coworkers or clients in exciting new settings. This allows coworkers, especially on fully-remote teams, to get to know each other and understand one another more deeply.

Popular Destinations

Los Angeles is a commonly sought-after destination because there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention the weather is a bonus! LA offers a wide variety of activities like Porsche racing on a professional race track, horseback riding through the Hollywood Hills, or experimenting with mixology classes at one of our well-known downtown rooftop venues. The DCi team recently helped put together a five-day trip to the City of Angels that included four iconic daytime activities, a seven-restaurant dine-around, and two luxurious dining experiences, one of which took place at a private celebrity estate


In classic LA style, DCi also included a wellness team-building activity that kicked off with fresh juice and smoothies, followed by a gentle yoga flow. After everyone was warmed up, the team-building MC led the group through a two-hour wellness session. This included an inspirational speech reinforcing the company’s wellness initiatives through guided journaling and group sharing exercises. This process allowed their teams to resolve conflict and connect deeper. The team saw an increase in performance levels after gaining clarity on the impact of caring for their own well-being and the well-being of one another.  

Behind the Scenes

Even though these trips seem like a feat to coordinate, the DCi team takes care of everything from concept to execution while adding their own exclusive flair. Beginning with individualized ideas that bring the destination to life, guests get to experience a trip they wouldn’t be able to on their own.



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