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Wary of hosting an in-person event post-pandemic? Destination Concepts Inc. has hosted over 120 in-person events this year, successfully helping clients readjust to the new live events culture. DCi has been helping organizations nationwide deliver showstopping brand experiences while our team works behind the scenes to ensure the highest standard of safety and sanitation.

After a year of emails, video meetings, and PMing, it’s time for your organization to get back to face-to-face. DCi is committed to maintaining the safety and sanitation of every event we host, so no detail is too small and we can’t be too careful. Here are some of the ways we ensure peace of mind for our clients as they re-launch their in-person events.

"We’ve all seen those QR codes asking about recent health and possible COVID exposure, and I’m sure those will be sticking around for a while,"
— Stephanie Luczynski,
DCi, Director of Sales & Business Development

For our clients ready to move forward and host in-person events, we’re here to support their peace of mind and keep everyone safe.

QR code surveys have proven to be a useful tool in tracking COVID-19 exposure. They’re anonymous and simple to use while still gathering the information necessary to keep attendees safe. Hosts can request that surveys be completed upon guests’ arrival at the event location.

Virtual Check-In

Quick, convenient check-in for all! Virtual check-in avoids lines and unnecessary face time between people traveling from far and wide. Check-in via smartphone or another internet-connected device is a great option for events that want attendees to fill out waivers, exposure surveys, or other pre-event paperwork before the larger group gathers together.

Virtual Attendee Options

With more and more companies having a global employee base, DCi is providing their clients with the tools to connect to team members who can’t attend an in-person event. We offer high-quality livestream options for whole events or specific programming during an event, depending on our clients’ needs and budget.

“At every event, you have people who can’t attend for whatever reason, so we have the tools to keep everyone connected. Whether they’re in the conference room or calling in,” says Luczynski. So, whether you have a team member who’s under the weather but wants to watch an event from home or you have team members in different time zones, DCi’s got the solution.

Pandemic Protocol Training

DCi’s operations team – the folks who make sure the day of the event goes smoothly – has been certified in pandemic protocol. This specialized training teaches our team the fundamentals of how COVID-19 is spread and what to do to keep people as safe as possible. For example, they learned that capping transportation at 50 percent of capacity with the windows open for airflow significantly reduces the chances of COVID-19 transmission. They also learned that limiting breakout sessions to groups of six people, as opposed to eight, cuts the chances of spread significantly without altering the group dynamic.

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