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We’ve all been there: inside a ballroom at banquet-style seating arrangements. While there is a time and place for truly functional seating, DCi loves the opportunity to mix it up and get creative!

We believe that seating can be an integral part of the decor and theme of any event. One of DCi’s senior creative planners, Myleene Nueve, describes how seating design can help elevate an event.

"I think it’s so interesting to use a type of seating that is also an interactive element of the event. People love it. "
— Myleene Nueve,
DCi, Senior Creative Planner
We really got into the swing of things with this one.

Experiential Seating

Downtown San Diego was the canvas for one of DCi’s most memorable events, where pedestrian-only streets and live entertainment made for a block party to remember. But the seating would prove to be one of its most memorable features. An LED swing set was a focal point of this luminous, grown-up playground, combining seating, an Instagram-worthy design element, and an activity all in one.

Running with a Theme

While DCi usually employs a mix of seating elements that range from typical to experiential, we also love a theme. An LA-based brand event that centered around modern design and a dessert theme was no exception. The DCi design team included soft, modular seating as the perfect pairing of function and theme. Clusters of comfortable chairs were paired with ottomans that had a plush, cupcake-like aesthetic.

“Elements that support the event’s theme can often create a wonderful sense of cohesion,” says Nueve. “This event was no exception.”

Mix & Match

“We’ve always incorporated a mix of seating styles into our events because we feel adding mixed seating elements gives any space a more elegant and unique look,” says Nueve.

It's the best feeling when eclectic meets elegant.

Even something as simple as mixing high-top, cocktail-style tables and bar stools with more traditional low-top dinner tables and chairs can make a room look more dynamic.

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