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f you want your event to create an impression that lasts long after the final goodbye, send your guests off with a truly memorable gift. We’re not talking pens, hats, magnets, and other run-of-the-mill accessories. Today’s gifting stations have leveled up to include swag like designer sunglasses, beach gear, and even custom Nike Air Force 1s.

At DCi, we know a thing or two about creating memorable gifting experiences. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve put together some of our most unique and out-of-the-box ideas for giving your guests an unexpected surprise. These gifting stations and themed pop-ups work wonders in increasing attendance and loyalty while forging meaningful connections with your guests.

1. Western Wear

You can’t have a Western-themed event without cowboy boots and hats, so why not let your guests create their own? Build a fitting station where they can choose their own patterns, buckles, fringe, and other accessories to make their getup unique to their style. And if you anticipate the process to be time-consuming, set up a mechanical bull for guests to take on while they wait.

2. Beach Hut Pop-Up

For seaside settings, let your guests choose their own apparel and accessories at a beach-themed pop-up shop. Fill it with flip-flops, beach towels, suncare products, sunglasses, hats, cover-ups, and anything else that can elevate their free time. If your event is beach-themed but landlocked, set up a backdrop that transports your guests to a tropical island — complete with palm trees and beach balls.

3. Athletic Shoe Fitting

If your event is surrounded by Mother Nature, encourage your guests to hit the trails during their free time with the perfect pair of athletic shoes from popular brands like Hoka, New Balance, Nike, Asics, and more. For an added touch, invite shoe experts to share their advice for improving performance, comfort, and longevity. This is also perfect for fitness or wellness group events.

4. Custom Sunglasses

Bring a little bit of Hollywood dazzle to your event with a chance for guests to not only try on luxurious sunglasses from high-end companies like RAEN, but keep the pair they like best. This will prove to be especially useful if your event is outdoors or in a sunny destination. Your guests will appreciate not only the sun protection, but also the added glamor.

5. Electronic Gadgets

A gifting station filled with the latest and greatest electronic gizmos is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Think solar chargers, Bluetooth headphones, cords, battery packs, cases, and other accessories that work well across all platforms. Your guests will appreciate being able to stock up — or replenish, especially if they forgot something at home — and it’s the perfect opportunity for branding.

6. Faherty Pop-Up Shop

Imagine the opportunity to spoil your guests with high-quality apparel from Faherty. They’ll not only love to browse through both men’s and women’s clothing, but also the chance to take home their favorite piece. Opening a pop-up shop with this retailer — known for its wide range of clothing from beach flannels to hoodies — is perfect for setting a stylish, yet laid-back vibe. 

7. Branded Travel Goodies

If you have guests coming a long way to attend your event, a travel-related goody station is a must. Hook your weary travelers up with everything they need for life on the road, like luggage, travel coolers, toiletries and bags, passport holders, neck pillows and blankets, laptop backpacks, and international adaptors if necessary. This is another great opportunity to outfit your guests with branded gifts that are both functional and fun. 

8. Destination-Themed Gifts

This tried-and-true gifting idea pairs well with whatever your event destination is — from the beach to the mountaintop. To take this idea beyond a traditional souvenir gifting station, get creative by joining forces with local businesses and artists to offer truly meaningful gifts your guests can’t get anywhere else. They’ll leave with something that’s not only unique, but also memorable for years to come. 

9. Nike Air Force 1 Customization Station

This idea is designed to bring the swagger. Imagine being able to customize your very own pair of this iconic shoe on-site and take them home with you to impress your family and friends. Let guests choose from different colors, materials, designs, and logos to create their very own Nike Air Force 1s.

Bonus: Gifting Station Do’s and Don’ts

The key to creating a gifting station they’ll love is to make it relevant, memorable, and personalized. When done right, your guest gifts will be the talk of the event. Here’s how our team at DCi approaches every gifting opportunity they plan. 


  • Listen to your client’s needs and preferences, then offer options that are creative, yet realistic within time and budget constraints. 
  • Be conscious of your environmental footprint. At DCi, this means using eco-friendly packaging and materials as often as possible and gifting guests totes they can reuse for other purposes post-event. 
  • Offer gifts that guests will actually find useful. 
  • Work with local vendors to create truly unique experiences. At DCi, we take pride in supporting women and minority-owned, diverse, and sustainable businesses. 


  • Repeat the same idea twice. If there’s even one guest who may have been at an event where a gifting station was crafted, it’s time to think of something new. 
  • When you’re deciding which items to offer, provide options — but not too many. In DCi’s  experience, three to four options is the sweet spot, but make your choices based on your event topic, theme, and the expected audience. 
  • Forget about the gifting suite itself, because the experience of selecting a gift is just as enjoyable as receiving one. At DCi’, we work with in-house designers to create suites that highlight the gifts, but blend in seamlessly with the surrounding decor. 

We hope that these ideas have inspired you to plan your next event with us. If so, reach out to our team to get the ball rolling. 

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