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o two days as an event planner ever look the same. Between meetings, planning, sourcing, creating, and executing, DCi event planners have to be open to the unexpected – and that’s precisely what draws energetic, innovative, and enthusiastic creatives to become part of the DCi team. Some days are spent communicating with clients via video calls and emails, while others involve going out into the field, with hours of hands-on event-prep. The secret to DCi’s success? Its imaginative, detail-oriented team. Together, DCi’s team of experts tackle all of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans so your event runs as seamlessly as possible. How do they do it, you ask? Here, we offer an inside look into what a typical day looks like for a DCi event planner.

DCi In and Out of the Office

The most enticing part of this role is that there is no typical day – and that’s what the team loves most about the job. There are, however, a few tasks the team handles day in and day out. A day in the office usually involves a decent amount of screen time, working on proposals, putting together contracts, handling invoices, responding to inquiries, and managing pricing sheets. Communication with individual vendors and clients is one of the team’s recurring tasks, and they use tools like PowerPoint and Excel to stay organized and provide guidance to clients. Since every event is its own completely customized experience, the planning process feels different and new each time.

On the days when the team is setting up for an event on-site for a client, flexibility is key. On those days, team members clock in 10 to 16 hours of on-site work, and oftentimes, unexpected challenges arise. The crew arrives on-site early to begin setting up, dispatch activities, or manage the airport transportation. DCi covers all of the bases by enlisting the help of the field staff, production team, and vendor partners to ensure the day adheres to the schedule and that the setup process meets company standards. For evening events, the team completes the setup 30 minutes to an hour before doors open, with enough time to get the client’s final approval. During the event, DCi experts do their rounds to make sure everything is running smoothly. They manage the event’s entertainment and are there to help when challenges arise. After the event wraps up, DCi assists the production team with strike and set deconstruction before calling it a day.

The Best Parts of the Role

The most enticing parts of being an event planner are curating the decor elements and executing the entertainment. This is where the theme and design can shine through, creating a memorable impact on guests and clients. Seeing an event come to life –from dreaming up the initial proposal to witnessing the client’s reaction to the final setup – makes all of the hard work and long hours well worth it. Another perk to the job? The ever-changing schedule, which breaks up workplace monotony and keeps motivation levels high; creatives thrive on nurturing their curiosity.

Handling Unpredictability

One prerequisite for this role is the ability to pivot when challenges come up, as they inevitably will. A sunny spring sky can quickly transform into unexpected storm clouds, and a surprise gust of wind can destroy a centerpiece in seconds. Moments like these require quick thinking and collaboration from everyone involved in the event. Adaptability, composure, and teamwork are the best ways to handle unpredictable weather. The DCi team is no stranger to these mishaps. One planner recalls multiple events that were meticulously set up outdoors – only to be ruined by unforeseen rain or heavy winds that picked up just hours before go time. The key is to stay calm and assess the best action plan, then take the steps necessary to make that change. DCi works closely with the vendors and hotels to ensure a quick and seamless transition indoors.

The DCi team is dedicated to each client from the initial inquiry call through the planning and designing stages, event execution, and deconstruction. The whole team has enormous passion for what they do, and it’s evident in the incredible events they put on. As industry experts, they’re on top of trends and understand the importance of communication and collaboration with every client, no matter how big or small the event.

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