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W hat are the main differences between hosting an intimate event versus a grand-scale affair? From logistics to timelines, DCi experts share the pros and cons, as well as the challenges and advantages of each – and what it takes for either to go off without a hitch.

Playing Small

One of DCi’s long-time clients in the automotive industry hosts intimate events to promote the launch of its new vehicles. Twenty to 30 journalists and media industry guests gather for a detailed preview of the new vehicles. They get to learn about new features ranging from aesthetic revisions to engineering updates. Even at smaller events, connection is crucial. On that particular day, journalists connected with brand representatives and executives through curated presentations and dinners designed to offer the most one-on-one time with key personnel. To keep their brand, messaging, and overall aesthetic cohesive, they eagerly enlisted DCi to put together these reoccurring events. 

 As with any event, the location sets the stage while the design amplifies the mood through key elements like ambient lighting, music, and interactive displays. By selecting a destination that represents a brand’s image (think: sweeping mountain ranges, cityscapes, or expansive desert vistas), attendees can immerse themselves in the experience and the brand ethos.

Bigger & Bolder

On the other hand, DCi has mastered the creation of large-scale, brand-centered events from designing to sourcing and all the way through production. One standout experience put on by DCi brought 1,600 global tech company team members to San Diego for their annual conference. This year, the event took a sweet turn when San Diego’s iconic Gaslamp Quarter received a Candy Land-style rebrand featuring engaging activations, interactive F&B, and entertainment. When catering to large group events like this nostalgia-inducing adult playground, it’s all about the major focal elements that produce a visual impact. The DCi team implemented larger-than-life activities like giant slides, ball pits, custom swing sets, and focal décor pieces, allowing guests to tap back into their sense of childlike wonder.

Key Considerations

Both types of events have pros and cons, but the most notable difference is selecting the right venue. Large events pose challenges with venue sourcing that make it crucial to have an experienced partner, like DCi, who can support the entire process. Though more challenging to bring to life, larger events impact a wider audience and are fulfilling to see come together from start to finish.

Smaller events allow DCi planners to zoom in on the little details that might not be considered high priority at bigger events. Clients with smaller-scale events tend to be more aware of minute details, so there needs to be an experienced team who can exceed expectations to achieve the client’s goal. Thankfully, that’s no issue with DCi.

A Note on Planning

At the end of the day, the only thing that changes in DCi’s planning process is the size of the team working on it. Each program is planned to perfection, the size of the team is adjusted depending on what services are needed. Regardless of the event size, a dedicated team is on-hand to fulfill every deliverable seamlessly.

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