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loral arrangements can single-handedly make an event pop – when executed properly, of course. There are many rules regarding the lush world of flowers, but it all boils down to a few basic principles. Here, DCi experts weigh in on factors like seasonality, locality, and weather, and explain how everything comes together for the big day. Plus, we’ll also share a few standout floral arrangements from past DCi events.

General Rules

When embarking on a floral design journey for any event, it’s important to determine whether the overall design is about the florals or if they are only needed as accents. Florals that are made to be the star of the show (think: dramatic arches, living floral walls, and cascading centerpieces) require more time, planning, and budget than small accent pieces. First, decide on your budget for florals to help you figure out what types of blooms and structures you can have. Seasonality will also play a role in narrowing down your choices of florals and greenery, so consult with your florist to figure out which varieties are off the table and which are free reign.

Another factor to consider is your event’s location – knowing what environment you’ll be in can help you determine which flowers to use. Fresh-cut flowers placed outside in warm weather will not last as long as ones placed indoors. If your event is more casual, dreamy greenery and small potted succulents will suffice, but with a more formal event, you may want to consider more lush and lavish arrangements that catch your guests’ attention.

Biggest Challenges

Sourcing the right vendor to execute your vision can be challenging, especially if you’re not in a big city with many options. Consider showing potential vendors inspirational images to give them an idea of the arrangements you’re looking for. If there is a “must-have” flower or design you want to incorporate into your event, let them know ahead of time so they can determine availability based on location and seasonality. Working with florals requires flexibility due to availability which can require you to pivot at a moment’s notice, so having a backup plan can help to alleviate your stress if something goes awry.

In the Spotlight

Clients often approach DCi designers with out-of-the-box inspiration, like this lemon-inspired floral design and table spread. They wanted to introduce playfulness to the event with a dose of unexpected (and fragrant!) decor. The vibrant yellow and pink dahlias, fuchsia lilies, and orange orchid arrangements pop against the muted and rustic terracotta table linens. Lemons were added as accents and used as place card holders to make the table setting a standout element of the overall event design

Tossing Petals

At the end of a floral-filled event, we have a few different options for getting rid of the arrangements. While some clients allow their guests to take home the remaining florals, DCi will often donate florals to a local retirement home or hospital. A trend we see, thanks to the rise of sustainable practices, is eco-friendly florals that have a longer life, allowing the client to reuse the florals for multiple occasions throughout their program!

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