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May 31
How To Deliver Movie Magic at Your Next Event Experience

No 3D glasses needed to immerse yourself in these larger-than-life, movie-themed events put on by the creative crew at DCi. Here, the team shows us how to flip the script and take the theatrical elements off the silver screen and into your next film-focused experience. Ready to learn? Three, two, one, ACTION! by: DCi Inc.

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Apr 25
Food of the Future: 7 F&B Trends To Watch For in 2023

With a focus on healthy options, non-alcoholic beverages, and flexitarian diets, DCi planners highlight a few key trends in the F&B industry that are taking over. by: DCi Inc.

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Apr 01
Designs We Dig: 6 Ways to Make Your Next Event More Sustainable

80 percent of organizations take sustainability into account when planning meetings and events, according to American Express Meeting & Events’ 2023 Global Meetings and Events Forecast. In other words, planners are getting serious about creating eco-friendly solutions – and here's why you should, too. by: DCi Inc.

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Feb 28
Picture This: 5 Ways to Create IG-Worthy Photo Ops at Your Event

If an event takes place and no one posts a photo of it on their IG story, did it really even happen? DCi breaks down the best ways to create memorable (and shareable) photo ops at your next event! by: DCi Inc.

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