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t’s true what they say: First impressions are everything. That’s why one of the best — and most important — ways to create an unforgettable event is to usher your guests in through a show-stopping entrance that will have them posting pics to social media before they even step foot inside. A well-thought-out entrance will also set the mood, build excitement, and establish your theme from the get-go.

Looking for creative ways to leave a lasting impression on your guests and impress them immediately upon arrival? Luckily, DCi’s event-planning experts have years of experience creating wow-worthy event entrances. Here’s a look at some of our team’s favorite designs — plus a few tried-and-true tips for welcoming your guests with style.

1. Lights, Camera, Red Carpet

Almost every event in Los Angeles begins with a red carpet, but our team at DCi decided to take it to the next level for a California-based awards gala. For a true Hollywood-style arrival, our experts framed a long, bright red carpet with a tunnel made from thousands of twinkling lights. It was a show-stopping moment that made every attendee feel like an A-list celebrity — whether they were nominated for an award or simply came to support a nominee.

2. A Lively Welcome

For a desert festival in California, DCi welcomed guests with live actors dressed up as butterflies. Their costumes fluttered in the breeze as they danced around the entrance and entertained attendees throughout the event. For another fun-filled event, the DCi team brought rollerskating hostesses who led guests to a sunny beach party. All to say, including dancers, performers, and live actors in your event is a great way to add engagement and movement — while making your guests feel welcomed!

3. A Very Important Date

In one of our most-loved designs to date, DCi transformed a former historic bank into a magical, Alice in Wonderland-themed experience. Upon arrival, guests were transported to an enchanted world through a fantastical archway lined with hundreds of faux flowers and decorated with whimsical chandeliers. This creative entrance encouraged attendees to leave the outside world behind and fully immerse themselves in Alice’s colorful fantasy world. Once inside, they were invited to explore over 15 different rooms with unique decor, on-theme culinary offerings, and entertainment.

4. The Magic of Motown

During this themed party, the DCi team designed a shimmering entryway that combined musical elements from the ‘70s — from records and disco balls to vintage microphones. Guests were immediately transported back in time to Motown’s golden age during the event, which also paid homage to Detroit — the original headquarters of Motown Records, otherwise known as “Hitsville U.S.A.” Beyond the entrance, the theme continued with intimate spaces reminiscent of recording studios. And, of course, the playlist was filled with beloved songs that guests knew by heart.

5. A Secret Entrance

Want to create the ultimate wow moment? Have your guests arrive at the event by “discovering” a secret passageway. For a speakeasy-inspired event, DCi welcomed guests to a sparsely decorated purple room. Hidden in plain sight, a bookcase dotted with a hodgepodge of items — analog clocks, vintage cameras, and old books — opened up to reveal the party inside. This idea works particularly well for speakeasy-inspired experiences or mystery-centric themes; the key is to design an unassuming entrance, like a plain door that ultimately leads to a lively event.

7 Tips for Designing a Successful Event Entrance

The entrance is the first thing your guests will see, so it’s important to be strategic and intentional about how you welcome them to your space. Here are some things to consider:

1. Incorporate your theme and destination: Not only should you keep your event venue and destination top-of-mind, but you should also consider your theme and how you’re going to incorporate it from the minute your guests arrive. Our designers utilize the space by building custom entryways that are immersive, awe-inspiring, and Instagram-worthy.

2. Consider live entertainment: Planning interactive, live entertainment is a dynamic way to welcome your attendees and guide them through the event experience — from the doorway to the main space. Live entertainers can connect with guests on a deeper level, making them feel relaxed and welcomed from the start.

3. Do your homework on branding: Develop a strong understanding of your company’s branding — from fonts and colors to logos and even messaging — and make sure to weave them into your event design. The entrance to your event is the perfect place to express your brand’s identity and create an immediate impact.

4. Make it accessible: Above everything else, your entrance has to be physically accessible. It should be designed to accommodate all attendees, including those with disabilities, and make everyone feel comfortable. If you’re building a custom setup, make sure it’s in compliance with ADA standards.

5. Make it safe: Safety is equally critical — especially when it comes to creating fully immersive entrances. Make sure that your flooring isn’t slippery and that you provide ample lighting for guests to navigate their way into the event. If your entryway features an overhead structure, make sure it’s fully secured.

6. Design for foot traffic: Consider the flow of traffic in and out of the event space — are there areas that could create bottlenecks? This is important both for the guest experience as well as their safety. Give them plenty of room to get in and out, but create controlled entry points, have security measures in place, and have an emergency evacuation plan just in case.

7. Don’t forget the grand exit: Remember that at the end of the event, your grand entryway will also serve as your guest exit. Use it as an opportunity to drive the messaging home. Switch out welcome signs for thank-you signs, and send attendees off with a lasting positive impression.

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