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Jul 25
Designs We Dig: 5 Event Lounge Setup Ideas to Adopt

Weaving your way in and out of crowds at an event isn't the only way to network – but finding a quiet and cozy spot to sit and catch up isn't always an option. So what does DCi like to do? Build out comfortable, aesthetically pleasing lounge setups throughout their events to allow attendees to take their small talk to the next level. by: DCi Inc.

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Jun 14
Can’t Take the Event Offsite? Create the Experience at the Hotel!

Facing food and beverage minimums or long transfers that keep your group on-site? With the right partner, these challenges are an opportunity! Here is how DCi recreates the vibe of the hottest off-site venues in destinations within the comfort of a hotel space. by: DCi Inc.

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Oct 17
Designs We Dig: Unique Seating

In this recurring blog series, we tap our styling and design experts to showcase design elements that wowed. This time: All things seating design. by: DCi Inc.

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