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t every event, attendees will seek a comfortable place to sit after a few hours of mingling and moving about. Nothing says “kick back and relax” like a well-curated, cozy lounge area that allows guests to unwind and carry on a meaningful conversation – preferably with a cocktail in hand. There are a few key features to consider when creating a place where your guests can find themselves at ease. Here, the DCi team shares a few of our favorite setups that even we can’t resist taking a seat at.

1. Bright and Colorful

This lively lounge was designed for the Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau as part of a California Travel Showcase. The lounge was styled to evoke the vibrant energy of the destination while giving it a refreshing spin. Utilizing a variety of seating options – couches, chairs, floor cushions – makes the space feel more inviting and offers seating that suits individual needs. A bright and colorful patterned rug can ground the area and help differentiate the space from the rest of the event.

2. Fit For a Queen

This whimsical fit-for-a-queen setup was part of a larger-themed event inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Set in a historic building, this portion of the event took place in a stunning ballroom that reflected the colors and textures featured inside the White Queen’s Castle. The DCi team pulled inspiration from the film to create an immersive experience – a dreamy, pink, purple, and white color palette, ornately regal furniture, and extravagant florals made guests feel like they were royalty.

3. Branded Details

The easiest way to elevate the comfort of your lounge? Piling on the pillows! A simple way to plug your brand and stand out to guests is by incorporating your logo or branding elements into small props, like throw pillows. This budget-friendly way to enhance your chill space can feature your event’s color palette and branding while providing extra comfort to guests looking to press pause. After the event, the pillows can find a new home in the office or be easily stashed away for the next event.

4. Offer a Photo Op

To cater to Gen Z’s vibrant, photo-loving aesthetic, the DCi team tied in a feed-worthy photo backdrop set against the event’s lounge. This section was created for a Las Vegas pool party to emulate an eclectic festival vibe. It included teal velvet chairs, a sleek blush-colored couch, a bright green ottoman, and a glass hexagon-shaped coffee table with gold accents. Small modern side tables were placed on either side of the couch to create additional table space, and a white shag rug helped anchor the area.

5. Coastal Cool

Inspired by the sights and sounds of the sea, this oceanside event took place in San Diego. It incorporated several intimate seating areas with a variety of textures and furniture. One section that overlooked the ocean was covered in a breezy white canopy fastened with extravagant palm fronds and housed resort-inspired white-and-beige seating with turquoise accents. In the evening, a different lounge area at the event was illuminated by oversized woven rattan pendant lights, offering attendees stylish space to connect with their peers and slip into a San Diego state of mind.

General Guidelines to Elevate Your Space

The first thing to take into consideration when designing a space is functionality. Lounge areas shouldn’t just be beautiful; they should serve a purpose. A successful lounge grouping can amplify the event’s theme while attracting attendees to use it. Solid lounge design adds comfortable seating and surface space to accommodate guests’ drinks, plates, and other items. Small tabletop elements, like florals and lighting, can significantly impact the overall feel of a space. Not to mention more opportunities to infuse the area with branded items like pillows, coasters, and neon signage.

Weaving in the Theme

There is endless potential for driving home an event theme in a well-planned lounge space that offers guests a place to relax. Adding cohesive colors, motifs, materials, and textures are all elements of a successful lounge grouping. Whether that’s a rustic farmhouse style, relaxed boho, sleek minimalism, or vibrant maximalism, there are endless possibilities, and you can capture them in a lounge grouping. It creates a great focal point of the design. Florals, seating, table treatments, and accents allow for a lot of creativity, further driving home the theme.

A statement back wall is another great option to tie it together and provide more visual context to the design. Make the space even more welcoming with soft seating, accent pillows and throws, and tablescapes that help create a cozy setting. Keep in mind how your furniture is spaced – this helps make it more accessible and functional.

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