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hen faced with the challenge of producing an epic on-site event with all the details and popular features of an off-site destination, creative event planners have to devise imaginative ways to replicate what is typically a one-of-a-kind experience. Fortunately, the team at DCi comes equipped with out-of-the-box ideas and the skills needed to execute any event seamlessly – whether it’s out on location or confined to a resort’s venue space. Here’s how DCi produced not one but three on-site events inspired by iconic off-site attractions.

Night 1 – The Main Event at Ritz Key Biscayne

Earlier this year, DCi produced three lavish lawn events at Ritz Key Biscayne, a luxurious tropical escape in Miami, Florida. The spirited three-night stay was designed to keep team members together at the same property while optimizing their time. Miami is home to a highly spirited and dynamic creative community, so each night, a new themed event unfolded, highlighting a unique aspect of the destination.

The festivities kicked off the very first night with an artistic tropics-themed dinner. The DCi team focused on crafting an elegant outdoor oasis brimming with colorful tropical florals, vibrant patterns and colors, and other mesmerizing details. The concept came to life in luxuriously appointed bars with emerald-green velvet seating, colorfully painted palms, and a tablescape dotted with over 100 bud vases in various colors, heights, and florals lining the 64 foot serpentine tables. Guests dined and mingled on the lawn, illuminated by strings of twinkling bulbs and warm candlelight.

Night 2 – A Culturally Influenced Night In

The second night focused on the lively blend of Miami and Cuban cultures. The DCi team concocted an event decorated in a tangerine-orange and green palette, specialty wooden elements, and tropical arrangements at every corner. As with any event, alluring entertainment is essential. When guests started to trickle in, they were greeted in tandem by Havana & Flamingo greeters. Throughout the experience, which included delicious bites and signature drinks, attendees were serenaded by a strolling LED saxophonist and a Spanish guitarist accompanied by Latinist vocals. No need for a night out on the town when you can get a taste of Miami – all in one convenient spot.

Night 3 – An Artistic Experience

For the final evening event, DCi brought the artistic neighborhood of Wynwood off the streets of Miami and into the resort’s venue, starting with a statement entry piece that emulated the city’s iconic street art. Graffiti and multicolored uplighting primed attendees for a visually playful night ahead.

Upon arrival, the venue opened up into a lively outdoor space awash in a playful rainbow color palette. The theme extended into the colorful furniture and 8-foot palm trees that decorate everything from bars to tables. In case guests needed a reminder, a massive LED backdrop spelled out “Miami” in bright letters. Every minute detail was accounted for. Graffiti was, unsurprisingly, central to the theme and was painted on chairs and tables. The festivities were accompanied by a live graffiti artist painting custom images for the attendees, which included artfully hidden references tying back to the company. This event brought all the highlights of Wynwood Walls into a single space.

On-Site Considerations

When building out multiple elaborate on-site events in the same location, production needs must be considered while understanding that the space will be repurposed immediately following each event. Finding the balance between crafting elaborate setups and creating simple structures is crucial. Creative event planners have to be on top of strict scheduling and work within a same-day setup period so they don’t impact the next day’s activities. Once an event has wrapped up, the team immediately starts taking it apart and building the next one.

What’s more, optimizing the layout of the venue space is important when aiming to create a different vibe for each event. A more intimate candlelit dinner event one night has a different setup than a casual mixer – requiring a total change of seating, decor, entertainment, lighting, and seating needs.

Recreate Off-Site Experiences

The main goal when creating an on-site event with an off-site feel is to make it seem as if you’ve stepped off the property the moment you step into the event. To emulate the feeling of being off-site, the DCi team recommends bringing in large staple items and custom builds that mimic what you would find at the original destination. Adding height with canopies, tall structures, and photo opportunities is one way to reimagine a venue space. Don’t ignore the impact that lighting can have on an environment and how much it can impact a space.

Pros and Cons to an On-Site Event

A key benefit of hosting an event on property is not having to factor in transportation, traffic, and potential unknowns that could arise from the time guests leave the hotel and arrive at the venue.” or “in the period between hotel and venue. The spotlight is all in one place, leaving less room for logistical errors. One significant drawback of staying on-site – and within specific budgets – is allowing the attendees to experience the destination’s authentic culture. Although it can seem like a constraint, this will enable creative event planners to think outside of the box and lean on their creativity and resourcefulness. A downside to outdoor events is that they need to have a backup option in case of rain or unruly weather, which can take away from the planned experience should you have to move the event into a ballroom. Fortunately for DCi, this trio of events was executed precisely as planned.

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