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orporate event trends have kept us on our toes over the past few years, bringing more innovation and creativity year after year. From virtual-only gatherings to sustainability-driven designs, DCi prefers to stay one or two steps ahead of the shifting landscape. And we’re here to share some of the 2023 industry trends we’re most excited to see.

Elevated Experiences

The low-effort, yet still-appears-chic-above-the-waist combo of sweatpants and blazers that ruled the virtual event scene over the past couple of years is long gone. These days, companies are doing a 180 and turning back towards sophisticated attire. Guests and planners alike are tired of dressing down and want to bring back the exclusivity and novelty of upscale events. DCi planners have already seen this trend work its way into their events, with companies offering mobile glam trucks to take care of hair and makeup on the go. It’s all the fun of getting ready with your girlfriends for a night out, without DIY-ing fake lashes and calling out to your posse to see who can forfeit their extra hair tie.

Personalized Events

Creating a memorable occasion for event attendees all boils down to personalization. If you want your guests to feel like the spotlight is on them, give them a unique experience and ditch the one-size-fits-all mentality when designing an event. Small details like engraved wine glasses or personalized merch can go a long way. Turn it up a notch with unique giveaways that get the audience excited and eager to participate, like concert tickets to a sold-out show or a weekend trip to a nearby destination.

Intentional Gifting

At almost every event, guests expect to leave with something in hand, and in the past, that equated to a new tumbler, a one-size-fits-none t-shirt, or a branded notebook. A request DCi planners are getting more and more lately from their clients, is a desire for gifts that are intentionally crafted and less mass-produced items that our guests have seen before. Thoughtful branding is top-of-mind for planners as well. Instead of slapping a logo directly on the merch, which can be impractical, logos are placed on the disposable packaging rather than the item itself. One hot tip? Avoid gifting items that are often left behind. It’s probably not something your guests actually want.


It would be great, and undoubtedly much-appreciated, if guests had time off to explore the city they’re traveling to for work, but that’s rarely the case. Getting off-site can be nearly impossible with back-to-back meetings, brainstorming sessions, and countless happy hours to attend. DCi planners are seeing a rise in offering all of the perks of a destination to one single resort so attendees can soak up the culture between meetings. When proposing decor and entertainment elements through this lens, opportunities to showcase local and regional specialties come into focus. Take for example, a recent project in Palm Springs at La Quinta Resort & Club that provided guests with a refreshing date shake station, a tennis pro exhibition, and clever décor inspired by downtown – an area that the group would not even have time to visit.

Neutral Palettes

Bright and beachy hues had their moment, but now we’re looking at elevated neutrals to communicate an air of authentic serenity that aqua blue could never touch. DCi pulls inspiration for this Cali-cool look from interior designers like Amber Lewis, who favors neutrals but keeps things interesting with varied textures and impressive shapes. We live in a digital age saturated with identifiable colors and distinct logos vying for our attention 24/7. It’s safe to say we could all benefit from pressing “mute” now and again.

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