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The scramble to replan and refocus live, in-person events interrupted by the pandemic has begun to fade into memory. In its wake, a new understanding has emerged among event planners that remote, virtual events will be an integral part of the future.

Whether your team has transitioned to a hybrid schedule or switched to a fully remote model, the need to recognize your organization’s successes, celebrations, and milestones cannot be ignored. Live events with appropriate precautions will remain the focus for many organizations. That said, the ability to pivot to an engaging virtual event will continue to be a key strategic option.

“With DCi in your corner, you can plan – or replan – your virtual event with the style, excitement, and engagement it deserves.”

Your Mission, Our Vision

Show of hands: Who has had a meeting or conference that was planned as a live, in-person event that later had to go virtual? That’s a lot of hands in the air. Luckily, DCi can help. Our team of creative experts has spent the better part of the last two years helping clients and groups of all sizes reimagine, reshape, and redefine their in-person galas and incentive programs into virtual experiences.

DCi works closely with each client to make sure the integrity, excitement, and spirit of their events remain in place, even in a remote form, with an acute focus on audience engagement. DCi is with you every step of the way, from attendee invitation and registration to the conception, creation, and production of pre-event teasers and participant gifts to compiling post-event engagement and analytics.

Lights, Camera, Excitement

If you can dream it, DCi’s Studio 98 will bring it to life. Our in-house media production studio and stage space can host virtual experiences of all kinds, from speeches, live concerts, and online courses to art classes, question and answer sessions, and audience tutorials.

Do Try This at Home

Distant. Separate. Of them, not among them. These are all characteristics of the pre-pandemic mode of virtual event planning. Whether you’re hosting a 100 percent virtual meeting or conference, or merely accommodating those unable to attend in person, experience is the name of the game.

DCi’s experiential gifting offers an array of solutions that allow you to excite and engage audience and event participants in ways you may not have thought possible. From seasonal swag and recognition gifting to hand-selected food and beverage packages, your event is fully customizable.

DCi’s event gifting strategies are about more than stationary, cookie-cutter events and commemorative T-shirts (we all have too many of these, right?).

DCi’s event gifting strategies are about more than stationary, cookie-cutter events and commemorative T-shirts (we all have too many of these, right?).

We work with each of our clients to conceptualize custom activity kits, online cooking, wine tasting, and art instruction classes, celebration boxes for corporate and industry galas, high-end gifts for organizational award winners, and more.

Virtually Crush It

Even if going digital wasn’t your initial plan, your event can still be awesome. If you have a workshop, large conference, or sales gala on your horizon, connect with DCi today. Our enthusiastic, results-oriented team will help you take a step back and refocus your event on a virtual scale, with the style and efficiency that’s made us an industry leader.

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