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ovies transport the audience to another world. Sit back with your popcorn; you can travel through time, space, and wherever imagination takes you. Imagine going one step further and experiencing the movie theatrics from your own POV. The innovative minds at DCi know a thing or two about taking the magic of the movies off-screen and into an immersive event crafted with strategic design and thematic entertainment. From reimagined classics to up-and-coming blockbusters, cinematic elements are the perfect way to fuse storytelling into your film-focused event. Here are three ways DCi brought fan favorites to life.

Top Movie-Themed Events Created by DCi

‘Top Gun’ 

The recent release of Top Gun: Maverick reignited everyone’s “need for speed,” including DCi’s. Our team of creative event designers put on an outdoor Top Gun: Maverick-themed event that included photo ops, customized fabricated bars and food stations, servers outfitted as movie characters, aviation-inspired furnishings, and themed accents. Guests could relax and watch the movie on large LED screens.

As with all DCi events, there were a few key components that brought the movie to life. For example, the walkway was set with aircraft marshaling greeters and themed lighting, mimicking a real-life airplane runway. From the minute guests arrived to the event, they were immersed in the theme. Curated photo setups are a staple attraction at DCi events. As with many movie-inspired events, cast member look-alikes are popular with this theme, so the team set up a station for guests to snap a photo with the characters; no one could turn down a photo op with Maverick and the real Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle from Top Gun!

‘Alice in Wonderland’

Alice in Wonderland is a match made in heaven for themed events because it allows you to let your imagination run wild. There are many versions of this classic tale that are rich in eclectic characters, kaleidoscopic visuals, and otherworldly settings. DCi has transformed several venues to treat attendees to their own personal journey through Wonderland – just like Alice. This theme is fun to implement and can be tailored to any budget. There’s a lot of decor that can be DIY’ed, like a stack of vintage teacups used for cocktails, tiny glass jars for “potions” or whimsical drink mixers, and floral arrangements based on the color palette in the film.

Recently, the team created a hypnotic experience in San Francisco where each of the historic venue’s hidden rooms showcased a different character or scene from the film. It involved over 45 entertainers – from dancers to stilt walkers to character actors – that kept performing from guests’ arrival to exit. Life-sized mushrooms, floral-filled hallways, multi-colored lighting, floating butterflies, and numerous photo ops filled the space and entertained guests all evening long.

‘The Wizard of Oz’

Our team of creative event designers assembled a progressive The Wizard of Oz-themed event at the Hotel Del Coronado, an iconic beachfront resort in San Diego, California (word has it that the resort served as L. Frank Baum’s inspiration for the Emerald City.) DCi’s theatrical event took guests on a real-life journey starting in “Kansas” during the outdoor reception. They were swiftly ushered indoors by a moving “tornado” to discover the ballroom had been transformed into the magical city of Oz. Extravagant design and production elements were integral components of this theme. The Kansas-themed reception infused a mix of antique furnishing and rustic florals, while the Oz-inspired ballroom featured a technicolor yellow brick road that weaved through a vibrant setting and carried guests directly into the Emerald City. The city itself came to life with vivid lighting and illuminated architectural elements.

Event-Planning Challenges and Solutions

Challenges are unavoidable when designing an event with film-level production. When working with a theme that ties in pop-culture references, it’s important to consider how the target demographic will interpret these whimsical elements. Guests may have a different perspective depending on their age when the film was first released. Niche references to a 30-year-old movie may be missed by younger audiences, so keeping the theme broad ensure the message lands.

Setting the Scene

Curated props, a cohesive color palette, a variety of textures, and atmospheric lighting help set the stage and create a memorable, photo-worthy evening. Depending on the budget, you can play around with adding different components to drive the theme home. Thrift eye-catching vintage furniture to honor a period piece, incorporate whimsical florals for a Disney-inspired fairy tale, or utilize candlelit tablescapes to celebrate a rom-com. Take a cue from your favorite scenes and let your imagination run wild.

Want help with creating your next movie-themed event? Send us a message, and we’ll bring the movie magic to life.

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