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or anyone whose event business relies on design that’s both trendy and stunning, the announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year is a much-anticipated event. It’s an opportunity to incorporate the hottest hues into all of your events, from small-scale parties to corporate galas. 

At DCi, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the trend curve. So when Pantone announced 13-1023 Peach Fuzz (HEX #FFBE98) as the color of 2024, we already had a portfolio of swoon-worthy events that incorporated the color (and all of its complements). Here are some recent experiences we’ve orchestrated that placed this subdued, warm, pinkish-peach color front and center.

Alice in Wonderland

A client asked us to go down the creative rabbit hole with a fun, imaginative project: Turn an event space into an Alice in Wonderland-inspired immersive experience. To build a space inspired by all things sweet, we used warm peach and pink hues to create a spun sugar effect on the walls. Oversized florals in complementary tones and hues added a touch of visual contrast, which guests were able to admire while sampling a delicious confection or two. The experience also included a “Drink Me” wall, which offered themed beverages and floating dessert tasting. Of course, there were plenty of photo ops available, thanks to bold and oversized activations.

The Colors of Ojai

Ojai locals call a certain time of day when the sun shines just right over the mountains “the pink moment.” Inspired by the landscape of this beautiful California town, we created this “peach moment” as part of a five-day annual financial summit for 500 employees. Because it was a large-scale event, we needed to not only conceive designs for each individual space, but also tie it all together in a cohesive theme that branded the entire event. Our creative team used subdued peach and pink tones for an outdoor reception to complement the centerpieces and the surrounding landscape.

Tropical Flowers

For this event, one of our repeat clients took us all the way to Punta de Mita, Mexico, to design and execute a financial summit. To reflect the event’s exclusive beachfront location, we used a combination of modern elegance and tropical flair. These peachy-pink flower arrangements, which adorned the tables at the welcome reception, added a breezy, whimsical accent to a crisp foundation of white. The roses and anthurium were inspired by the hit TV show The White Lotus.

Peach Plus: Select the Perfect Color Pairing

Often, the focus color serves as the foundation for a design, relying on color pairings to guide the overall look and feel. For a subdued, elegant design, we recommend combining Peach Fuzz with warm tones in similar color families. Think apricot, mustard, blush, mauve, plum, and almond. 

For accents that stand out, combine rich shades with touches of neutrals such as brick, burgundy, chestnut, cozy creams, or terracotta.

If your goal is to balance your hues, choose cooler colors, like crystal blues or deep shades of green, for a soft yet fresh approach.

Make Your Next Event Peachy

No matter which color palette you choose, the sky’s the limit on ways to creatively incorporate them into your next event design. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to get your creative wheels spinning:

  • Take attendees to the beach with a palette of peach, yellow, orange, and blue accents that reflect a gorgeous sunset over the water.
  • For an understated look, centerpieces using peach-toned glowing votives and seasonal floral blooms are subtle, yet effective.
  • Add a pop of peach to your event textiles, including table linens, draping, and accents like pillows or ottoman throws.
  • Don’t forget about signage! Extend your peach-hued palette to include custom-printed graphics, like statement backdrops for photo ops or bar areas. (Bonus: You can even create a themed, Peach Fuzz-inspired drink.)
  • Arrange table linens in an alternating mix of solid aqua blue and patterned peach – the bright duo will certainly steal the show.
  • Introduce an organic look and feel by adding greenery around the event space. Opt to include green in floor plants, as centerpieces, or even hanging from focal light fixtures.
  • Consider your palette when selecting your furniture materials. Dining tables in warm wood hues or terracotta centerpieces are stunning when accented with a blend of Peach Fuzz blooms and rich, deep red or plum-tone florals.

Pantone’s Color of the Year shows a “desire to nurture ourselves and others,” according to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. The modern and elegant color gives event designers the opportunity to embrace connection – a perfect balance to the hustle and bustle of a busy event.

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