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our guests will be armed and ready to snap a selfie at your next event, whether you have a photo-worthy setup or not. Creating sharable photo stations keeps attendees engaged and takes a bit of pressure off marketing from having to capture the night. Here’s how we take a photo op from concept to creation.

Camera Ready

As part of an elegant, high-end event designed by DCi, the team wanted to create a seamlessly integrated photo op that pulled inspiration from the natural surroundings – a lush and luxurious garden park. The team designed and produced a swing covered in greenery, complete with a working chandelier that mirrored the environment and matched the rest of the decor. The photo op turned into an engaging, interactive component where guests could swing, snap, and post away!

Effortless Integration

Another way to create an IG-worthy moment is by using entertainment as part of the photo setup. For a travel industry showcase, DCi crafted a series of photo ops that captured the essence of key California destinations. For example, as part of the San Diego photo op, the team incorporated a Maverick look-a-like to capitalize on the popularity of the recently released film Top Gun: Maverick. The setup was a hit. Attendees flocked to the station to grab a photo with Tom Cruise’s doppelganger all evening long.

It’s All in the Elements

The key to creating a successful photo setup is to make it a purposeful part of the entire event experience. In other words, these set-like backdrops and experiences should attract the same amount of attention as the rest of the entertainment and decor. The most successful events are ones that cultivate a feeling of harmony and surprise between all parts of the experience.
The challenge of creating elaborate photo setups comes with social media and its constant evolution. DCi stays on top of social media trends to make the final product successful. With the rise in video content (looking at you, TikTok), it’s becoming more and more important to factor in a video component into the social media experience.

Tying it Together

Adding attention-grabbing features like neon signs or balloon art is an easy way to spice up your insta-worthy moments. Even a simple, plain background can turn into an elaborate photo spot; all that’s required is a little creativity! Props can also help tie a theme together – guests can’t turn down sparkly disco balls, bejeweled cowboy hats, or delicate flower crowns.

Reusing & Reconstructing

Staying in line with DCi’s sustainability initiatives and cost-saving strategies, the design team often augments items used for photo ops to fit the client’s brand so that they can repurpose the props for other events. For example, a rustic wood wall or lush hedge wall can be recycled and customized with creative signage featuring the client’s branding, glowing neon statements, or eye-catching floral arrangements to create shareable moments.

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